Thursday, September 16, 2010

The joys of baking at sea level! :)

So, this afternoon I realized that I hadn't yet baked a cake in NC!  I was rather shocked to realize this fact, because before we moved here, that was something I kept thikning was going to be so different.  Growing up in Colorado, you have to use the high altitiude instructions for everything. (Ok, everything baking....)

So, I did in fact make a cake today!  It turned out very well out of the oven!!  I also worked on my decorating skills too.  Although I used buttercream this time, and I realized that it is very hard to work with once it gets warm.  (Also on a hot day, in a warm room, inside a bag inside a warm hand.)  :)

I just did the cake from a box because I wanted the joy of not having to add any flour, etc. for the high altitude instructions.  Next time I will make it from scratch though.  No worries.  :)

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