Friday, September 3, 2010

New healthy additions/subtractions

So, as you know my hubby just started a new job last month.  With that new job came lots of changes.  Some you already know, like moving to North Carolina and starting a new life there.  Then there were things like finding a new Church home, friends, etc.  And then there were things like benefits paperwork, etc.

Anyway, my hubby also had a sort of pre-employemnt health screening.  You know, just that run of the mill thing that employers do when you start a new job?  Anyway, we weren't worried about it because he is an active guy in his late 20's who eats what his wifey (who has this food blog) feeds him.  :)  So what could be wrong right?!?!?  Everything checked out fine, but they did this rapid cholesterol test that just measured both types of cholesterol together and it was a little high.  Now, we're not too concerned because it turns out those tests aren't too reliable since they test both types together.  (As opposed to the regular tests that state levels of HDL and LDL.)  So I geuss we don't really know what his LDL (bad cholesterol) is and if it's even high.  Or what his HDL (good cholesterol) is either...

Either way, I have decided to make some definite healthy changes in our diets.  (Not that we are on "diets", it's just the word for the food we know.)  Anyway, it all has to do with additions of good things and subtractions of bad things.  :)

On a side not though, have you checked out:  Inspired to Eat Better. ??  It's a great blog!!  Check out this post that has inspired me recently.   It's about just those things of adding good things like veggies and subtracting fast food.  Go ahead and read it though, I really can't do it justice.  :)

So, for some changes around here.....  I have stopped buying eggs in the carton.  It turns out that the most cholesterolic food you can basically eat is an egg, I've cut them out completely.  I now buy eggs whites that come in the carton.  They are just egg whites, and contain 0% cholesterol.  It's super easy to use in recipes instead of eggs too.  And everything comes out really well!  I made banana bread and peanut butter cookies with them yesterday and you can't even tell!  :)

Also, I made the switch from using bleached all purpose flour to whole wheat flour a couple months ago.  Although, I have somewhat re-entered all purpose flour into our kitchen for some certain purposes.  But I have heard a rumor that King Arthur Flour makes a mean white whole wheat flour that I have yet to get ahold of.

So there's some ideas for you to healthy up your life!  :)  Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

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