Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hope this finds everyone doing well after the long weekend!  I sure am!  We had a great weekend watching football, taking photos, hiking, swimming and picnicking!   :)

We spent Labor day at Falls Lake State Rec. Area.  The weather was great and it really wasn't too crowded.  Here's some pics from our little trip....

Here's my adorable picnic basket!  I had wanted a traditional wood picnic basket for a few years, and my mom found one and got it for us for our 2nd wedding anniversary!  Isn't it cute?!?  I just love it.  :)  Plus it's big enough to hold lots of food for picnicking, as well as silverware, plates and cups.

What we ate for our picnic.  I know you are probably thinking it's kind of boring and heavy on the carbs.  You are probably right....BUT we really enjoyed it.  :)  And we burned a TON of calories hiking, swimming, playing catch, playing frisbee and walking this weekend....so I think we're fine.

I brought applesauce (the kind with no added sugar, that's just sweetened with other fruits), mini apple pies, "laughing cow" light swiss cheese wedges and saltine crackers, and Salmon Pasta Salad.   :)

Anyway, we had a great weekend, and I hope you did too!!

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