Saturday, September 18, 2010

Healthy up!

Happy Weekend everyone! My husband and I have been busy today. We started the day out at the Farmer's Market--where we found lots of great finds, and then we went to another Arts Festival. We ate a late lunch at Chili's with a gift card (gotta love them!), and apparently I was really tired when we got home because I just woke up from a 2.5 hour nap. (And I never nap. Even when I'm sick and need that was interesting to say the least.)

Anyway, while we were at the market I got sweet potatoes, sweet banana peppers, tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, a good-sized basil plant (had to leave ours in CO) and 2.5 lbs. of grass-fed beef.  We got the meat for a great price and 1 lb. is hamburger and 1.5 is stew meat--that I intend on using for stirfry, tacos and other things.  So, I'm excited we got away with what we did, and I'm more excited for our menu this week then!  :)

You know that I am getting healthier around here, partly because my hubby's cholesterol check a month ago and also just to be healthier.  Anyway, I don't think I mentioned this, but my hubby had another cholesterol check last week, and his numbers had already gone down significantly!  So, they could tell he had made healthy changes with his lifestyle!!  Isn't that great?!?!?!?  Also good motivation that everyday counts and helps!  :)

So, that's why I did a whole vegetarian week a couple of weeks ago.  That week we had things like:  tofu stirfry, eggplant parmesan, and vegetarian lasagna. My husband had never really had tofu before, so it was a good intro week to the wonderful world of their eating with different proteins!  Yummy!

This is also why, we've made a change in our lives and like to buy only locally grown/produced food.  Although not always possible, and I'm still learning, this is working out well!  We also are only going to buy grass-fed beef, because it's more sustainable, better for the animals and better for us.  In addition to that we're only buying chicken that is hormone/antibiotic free that's hopefully pastured as well.  (Chicken is a harder switch from store-bought to pastured because it's a huge price jump, but inevitably much healthier for, it'll be more of a whole transition process....)

So, this is us, eating much more sustainably and also much more healthily while loving it!  Because, food. is. good.  :)

My question for you is:  Do you know what you're eating?  Like, do you know where it was grown?  How it was grown?  Food for thought...

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