Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mochacino Ice Cream

I'm not gonna lie...I really, really, really wanted to stop to get a frozen latte somewhere today.  But, I actually made it home without spending $4+ on a caloric, heavenly drink.  So, I decided to make some ice cream at home that resembles my new found favorite summer drinks.  Enjoy!  :)

Mochacino Ice Cream  (Pronounced Mocha-chino)

1/2 c.  Half and Half

1 packet of Via by Starbucks, any variety (I used Italian Roast)

1/2 c.  Sugar

1 t.  Vanilla Extract

1 t.  Cocoa Powder

Milk (I used skim, but any works!)

1.  Wisk half and half, via, sugar, vanilla and cocoa together until well combined.

2.  Put in ice cream maker and add milk until it is to the top.  (I use a Cuisinart 1.5 quart Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Maker.)

3.  Turn on the ice cream maker and let it do its magic.  (Mine is automatic though, so if you need to add salt, ice, etc. you can do that once it's all mixed together and ready to set.)

4.  Then once it is finished (mine only takes about 20 minutes) scoop some out and enjoy!  :)

(I filled my rather full this time...and it almost started overflowing by the time it was done...all the more to love though!)  :)

Oh, and be sure to get creative.  I know I will next time I make it...I'll go with a White go ahead and tempt those taste buds!  And let me know how it turns out!  :)

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  1. [...] this is very much like my Mochacino Ice Cream I made a few weeks ago, I added more half and half this time and it made it much creamier! [...]


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