Friday, July 16, 2010

How to make a homemade banner!

I had a couple of people ask me to make a tutorial for the banner I made and posted on here the other day. So here it is: :)

What you'll need:

Pinking Shears
Colorful fabric of your choice for triangles
Long strip about 1.5" wide for holding banner together.
Sewing Machine (ok, you could do it by hand...but that'd be a lot of work.)

I'm not giving quantities of fabric, because it all depends on how long or big you want to make it. But for mine that I made today I used 22 triangles and it made a banner that was about 7 feet long.

1. Get out your colorful fabric for the triangles and get ready to cut them out!

2. Starting cutting out triangles with your pinking shears*. They don't have to look perfect, or if you'd like you could measure them all and make them perfect. :) It's all up to you and how you want it to look--and how much time you'd like to spend making it!

*Pinking shears don't prevent it from fraying, but it controls how much it will fray. So that's why I used pinking shears so that I didn't have to hem the triangles and it will give it some homemade flavor for years to come! :)

3. I found that cutting the triangles so that the top (flat part that will be the top once it's in the banner) is about half of the length of the sides (parts you cut) makes it the right proportions.

4. Once you have all your tirangles cut out put them in a pile. (Mine's kind of a messy pile...)

5. Get your long strip ready. You can use pinking shears on it if you'd like, but you don't have to since it will be hemmed. :)

6. Lay the strip with the nice side down.

7. Then fold each side into the center like this.

8. Now fold that in half and sew it together for a few inches. (Leave as much as you'd like to be able to tie it to something.)

9. Now stick your first triangle in the fold and sew. I did mine like this, but it doesn't matter which direction the fabric tirangles are facing--as long as they are all facing the same way! :)

10. Keep sewing, like sew. ;)

11. Once you get done sewing the first one, put the second one right next to it, but not overlapping and sew. Then continue with the rest of the triangles until you get to the desired length! :) Then remember to leave some at the end to be able to tie it up for decorating!
Here it is flapping in the warm breeze. Like I said this one has 22 triangles and is about 7 feet long.

Detail view.

I alternated the fabric of triangles on the banner I made the other day, but today I just used one fabric. So be sure to make your banner they way you want it! :) The more colors the better.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It looks great & I like that you can use it over & over again!


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