Thursday, July 8, 2010

BBQ Beef

I just love BBQ beef sandwiches.  They are great all year round, but especially in the summer and around the 4th! :)  Have you ever been to Famous Dave's?  It's pretty great, but truly the best part is their sauce!  And, lucky for us they sell it at grocery stores now!  (At least in Northern Colorado...)  So, you can make wonderful BBQ beef really easily at home now! :)  Just add shredded beef, brisket slices or whatever meat you prefer!  I like to add a little water while cooking it on the stove to prevent sticking.
My husband wanted cheese on his sandwiches tonight...I still don't know what I think of I just had mine with BBQ Beef.

Any sauce will due.  In fact I encourage you to make your own.  I just have finally found a bottled sauce that tastes almost as good as my favorite southern bbq restaurant that I used to work at back in high school.   (That restaurant was Bubba's Bar-B-Que and has since gone out of business.)

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