Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick Breads

Well, who doesn't like a good quick bread?!?!  Okay, maybe you....but the rest of us sure do right?  ;)  So, when I went to make snacks for my hubby's dissertation defense this week I thought quick breads would be nice.  (Because they are quick, easy and yummy!)  I actually went the super easy route this time though and made them at home but used mixes, as opposed to making them from scratch.  I got a great response from the Lemon Poppyseed especially though, so thought I would talk them up.

I used Krusteaz Lemon Poppyseed mix.  You can use it for muffins, quick bread or even pound cake.  I just followed the instructions for High Altitude for the quick bread, and it turned out perfectly! :)

As for the other I used Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip mix.  You can also use this for muffins or quick bread.  So I made the quick bread for high altitude as well--turning out well too.

Then I just baked them according to the directions and waited till they cooled to cut them into slices.  Then I arranged them on a platter.

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