Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Toaster Cover

Sew, I finally got around to making my toaster a cover.  I had made my stand mixer a cover shortly after we got married, so finally two years later I made one for the toaster.  :)  When you live in an apartment and don't have the cupboard space to keep mixers and things in, you have to have them on the counter, which is why I made the one for the mixer.  It's also why I made one for the toaster, even though I'm pretty sure everyone has them on their counters....even in houses.  Anyway, now dust won't accumulate in it (not that I've ever had a problem with that, but it could be an issue...) and it makes my counter top look a litle nicer.  :)

Also, the best thing is that I didn't have to buy any fabric for this.  I still had the scraps from when I made the one for my mixer, and I was SO glad I had kept them.  (See, holding on to things saves money! :) )  Although I suppose I would have made it a little more stylized with curves if I had more fabric to work with today....but still, I didn't spend a penny and look what I have!  :)  Oh, my only true regret was not changing my bobbin to black thread though....I changed the other and somehow forgot about the bobbin till the project was complete, and at that point I didn't want to rip it apart just to change that.  You can probably see some white on the vertical seam...oh's finished and still cost nothing.  :)

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