Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healthier Pizza Crust?

I have been wanting to experiment with making healthier versions of pizza, and pizza crust, since I love pizza SO much.  So, tonight I added shredded carrots and here's how it turned out....    

I used my regular pizza dough recipe with the changes below...  :)
1 c. shredded carrots mixed with 3/4 c. water and microwaved for about 3 minutes.

Yeast, salt, sugar, oil and flour added.  (I only needed about 1.5 c. of flour.)

I wanted a rustic italian style pizza tonight, so I shaped it like this and then topped it with sauce, cheese and basil.

Ready to eat!  Yum!

Overall, we both liked it.  But I do however think it would be improved if the 1 c. of carrots was cooked and pureed instead of being shredded and partially cooked. So that's what I'll try next time! :)

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