Friday, May 27, 2011

My Memorial Day Menu

 Here's what I'll be serving up this Memorial Day ... complete with pics and a tutorial on how I dig my dogs.  :)  What will you be serving?  or eating?  :)

 My Mom told me about these chips a few weeks ago.  (Just after she'd gotten back to CO from visiting me...and we'd had NC BBQ in the Outerbanks...)   And ever since she recommended them I pretty much can't get enough.  It's kind of funny too.  I don't really normally like chips that well, especially flavored ones.  But Lays does a great job with these and they are just delish!  Try them for yourselves!  I know they have them in NC and CO at least!  :)
 Green beans with turkey bacon.  Just cook up a strip or two of bacon and then stir fry some green beans.  Then break up the bacon and stir in!  Add salt, pepper and serve!  Yummy!  :)  I like to leave the bean still nice and crunchy too.  
 I'm a picky eat all around...but I'm really picky when it comes to hotdogs.  So these are the ones I like.  (Although, I also like Hebrew National--who wouldn't though?)  Anyway, I not only like these hotdogs, but prefer them to be prepared like so....  (I learned this method from none other than my Mama by the way. :)
 Slit the dogs down the middle and open them like so...  Then place on your bbq grill or foreman (etc...) and cook them until you're satisfied.  I like mine pretty done ...  :)
 Oh, before you cook up the dogs you can smear some butter and toast up the buns if you'd like.  :)  And get out the condiments.
 See, the hotdogs are just about ready!  :)  Yum!
 Then just dress it up however you like....  for me I usually go with mustard and relish, with a little bit of ketchup.  (But I truly prefer Chicago dogs with just about everything on them...)
 And eat it all up.  See how there is meat in every bite?  And it's all equally distributed?  Yep.  That's the way I like my hotdogs...  :)
Don't forget some fresh squeezed lemonade!  :)

 And to top it all off you can always finish you bbq off with some apples or Apple Chips!
Or a dessert...maybe like these bars... :)

Thank you to all of you brave men and women who have served our country, and those who have died protecting our country throughout the years as well as their families!  Happy Memorial Day!

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