Thursday, May 26, 2011

Apple Chips

I love dehydrating things...especially apples!  The only problem is that whenever I do...they just disappear.  Literrally.  I have no idea what happens to them!  ;)  They're too delicious really though...  So here's a simple way to make your own apple chips!   Enjoy!  

All you'll need is:  a dehydrator, apples (Braeburn, Gala, Pink Lady, Fuji especially work well), lemon juice, water and knife/Mandolin slicer.
 So (carefully) slice some apples up either with your knife or slicer.  You can core them first or not.  I didn't this time...but sometimes I do.  :)  Then once they are sliced place them in a lemon juice/water solution.  (Solution= 1 part lemon juice + 3 parts water)  This prevents them from browning!  :)
 After all the slices have been in the lemon water solution for at least 5 minutes you can start arranging them in the dehdryator.  (Pay no attnetion to the stems and seeds I forgot to get rid of before snapping a pic...:)
 Then keep arranging until all the slices are gone OR you are out of space.  :)  Then turn on your dehydrator and let it work its magic....
 In about 6 hours you'll notice the bottom shelf may be getting curled up like this.  So it's time to rotate the shelves for equal drying!  :)  The continue drying for a few more hours.  
Total of 18-24+ hours.  (18 if you want them to be leathery and 24+ if you want them crispy.)  It also depends on the thickness of the slices of course.  Thinner slices will take less time than thick ones.  That's also why I like the mandolin--it's quick, easy and makes them all the same thickness!  :)
This next step is very important!  Enjoy!  :)  Yep, enjoy the fruits of your labor!  :)  Feel free to test along the way too!   Not that I have ever done that...  ;)

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