Saturday, December 1, 2012

DIY: Canvas Hymn Sayings

 I get so inspired to do do crafting when I look at pinterest.  I usually don't get around to doing much of what I pin (and like) though.  A few weeks ago I made these Canvas Sayings featuring lyrics from some of my favorite hymns.
 I used a paper transfer technique.  I just used GIMP to create the words I wanted and add a bird on one, and later a tree on another.  Then I reversed the image in GIMP and print it.  I very lightly wetted the canvas, placed the paper ink side down and brushed water evenly over the paper.  I pressed the letters down, and left it for a couple of minutes.  Then I gently peeled the paper up.
 I was faint, but it was there.  I continued with the other three until all were transferred.  Let dry overnight.
Then I carefully took a couple of different sizes of paint brushes, black paint and darkened up the words (and images).  Let dry overnight.
 I almost left these white because we have a red wall that they would go really well on...but I decided to lightly paint them my favorite color - turquoise.  (I did a kind of weird effect that I like, but not everyone would I'm sure...)

I have these on some built in shelves in our home now, but I am still trying to find a more permanent spot.  I like the versatility of them being together if I want or separate.  (currently they are separated...)

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