Monday, November 12, 2012

Chicken Quesadillas

I love quesadillas.  Pretty much any way you slice them (literally) and these I made with leftover chicken and veggies from fajitas the other night.  Yummy!  They are not rocket science...but of course, they are just good and easy.  :)

What you need:
Cooked chicken
Veggies (optional)
Tortillas (any size works!)

My favorite way of making them (and the way I think gets all the melty goodness around best) is to place one tortilla down on the preheated skillet and top with an even layer of cheese.  Then once it melts carefully pick it up and place it on a plate for a moment.  Then place the second tortilla down on the skillet and spread an even layer of cheese, AND now put your chicken and veggies.  Once the chicken, etc is set on the tortilla place the tortilla with the already melted cheese on top of the chicken cheese side down.  (make sense?) Sounds more complicated than it is really!  :)  After a few more seconds you have a perfectly crispy, melty quesadilla!!
Load it up with your choice of toppings and it's good enough to eat!  :)

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