Thursday, October 27, 2011

No high fives for now...

As you may (or very well may not) have noticed I have not been blogging as much lately.  Some of that is due to the day job, some of that is due to travel (last month to see my newest niece!!) and some of that is due to the pain in my right hand/fingers.   So I thought I would just go ahead and give you a heads up and some info on that, should it become a bigger deal in the weeks to come.

I first started noticing a pretty severe pain in my index finger in  my right hand about 4 weeks ago.  I wrote it off as an injury or something, but before I knew it my whole right hand was just aching and really painful most of the time.  And especially while I was doing repetitive tasks at work. 

Of course before I went to the Dr. though I had done my research and deduced my hand pain down to two options:  Some sort of arthritis or some sort of overuse type injury.  So finally, last Friday I went to the Dr. for my hand pain. He did all sorts of looking at each of my hands and then he proceeded to pinch, prod and otherwise manipulate my hands' tendons, ligaments and bones into even more uncomfortable positions.  After that was done, he informed me that I have tendinitis in my right hand and fingers.  He also told me to rest my hand for two weeks, gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory medication and said if it wasn't back to normal in that time he was going to refer me over to Orthopaedic Surgeon. 

One week in and I'm finally being able to rest my hand during the day at work, and at night in this really great brace my hubby and I found at target.  I'm not too sure if my hand is really feeling any better...because it's still super painful...but hopefully by the end of next week it will be just a faint memory. very well might be off to surgery I go....I'm praying it doesn't get to that point though. 

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