Monday, October 3, 2011

Mummies on sticks and Ninja Mummy Cookies

Here are some easy treats you can make just in time for Halloween and fall! :)  All you'll need is some:  White chocolate or Candiquik, Marshmallows, Pretzel sticks and Sugar Cookies.
  For the mummies on sticks you just stick some marshmallows on the pretzels....
 Then dip them in melted white chocolate/candiquik....
 And drizzle some more to make it look like a mummy...add eyes (either peppercorns or pieces of chocolate) and let cool.

Mummy or Ghost?  
Then for the Ninja Mummy Cookies just grab a round (or other shape) sugar cookie, and dip into the melted candiquik/white chocolate.  Drizzle some around to make it look "mummy-like" and add some additionally to the chin area like in the pics.  Add "eyes" and let cool.

Ninja Mummy Cookies.

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