Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cookies for April Fools

As you already know Spring is not only here, but April is quickly approaching!  Which means a few things are coming up...Easter!! and Tax Day and April Fools Day.  So here's a joke inspired treat for ya!  I think these are awfully cute and clever...but of course I came up with them...so I would.  ;)  Check em out!  My "how would you like your eggs?" cookies.
I just used the sugar cookie recipe out of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook for teh cookies and baked them as directed.  Then I whipped up some frosting (you could even use canned).  Separate a little bit of the frosting out to color yellow for the yolks of the eggs.  Then once the cookies are baked and cooled frost them with the white and then a dollop of the yellow.
  They don't have to be uniform at all either....in fact the more realistic the better!  :)  Hehehe  I am still getting a kick out of them!  
Perfect for April Fools Day or really, any day for a joker in your life!  :)

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