Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My little garden

Well it's sure been a mild winter, and now spring here in NC.  Which makes me a little concerned about what this summer may bring (in terms of heat).  But it makes me excited because we've been able to eat fruits of our labor in a our little garden already! :)  Here are some pics of our growing little place...

 The whole "container garden" as of now.  We still have a couple of plants (well seedlings) in a our little greenhouse inside waiting to get bigger before being planted outside.
 Our green beans are making their way up the stakes.  So cool huh?  It amuses me...although sometimes they get confused and get wrapped around the little fencing we have...then I have to gently unwind and place them on the stakes.
 Here you can see our mint plant on the left, peas in the back, part of the pot of the tomato on the right and the green beans in the front center.
 This year we decided to get a strawberry plant, and instead of getting a little one, we kind of splurged and got this big one that was already in a  hanging basket.  And as you can see it's already bearing some fruit!  Yummy!  :)
The layout again with some labels.  Our lettuce has really taken off and we've gotten several dinner salads out of it so far.  Hope it continues for a while...

Well, just thought I'd give you an update on the progess of our garden (or more like gardneing attempts.)  Hope you have a great week!  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in the Dallas area after all that destruction.


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