Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes with Lavender Infused Buttercream

 So I've had this idea for a while now, and finally got motivation to put it into action today when I baked some treats for a staff meeting.  :)  And it turned out really well, so I am SUPER excited to share this with you!  I still used my favorite cupcake recipe which you can find here. (Best Loved Chocolate Cake by BHG)  Then I made this amazingly addictive, delicate lavender infused buttercream.  It's seriously good.  And I don't even like lavendar typically.  I don't even like floral anything typically.  (Perfumes, soaps, teas, etc..)  But this is good.  No, it's not good, it's great!  :)
 I picked up a couple of new jumbo tips for cake decorating and while I was at the store I saw these...and had to get them.  Aren't they so sophisticated and cute?!?    Ok, now I will really get on to the recipe....

This will frost about 18 cupcakes, so double if you need more.
Lavender Infused Buttercream:
1/2 c. Shortening*
1/4 c. Lavender Infused Water, strained**
1/2 c. Granulated Sugar
4-5 c. Powdered  Sugar (Depending on your climate AND desired consistency.)

* I suppose you could use butter, but I like the pure white the shortening gives it...
** Two prep methods for lavender infusion.  Hot and Cold.  Hot method: pour 1/4 boiling water over 1 T. lavender and steep for 15 minutes.  Cold method: Soak 1 T. lavender in 1/4 c. room temperature water for 3-4 hours.  (Food grade or tea grade lavender)

1.  Whip up shortening on high until fluffy.
2.  Add in strained lavender infused water and beat until fluffy.
3.  Mix in granulated sugar.
4.  Slowly add powdered sugar in by the 1/2 cup until it is to your desired consistency.  (I prefer mine on the stiffer side when I am going to pipe on frosting, and a little less stiff when I am spreading it.)
5.  Add in coloring if you'd like.  Since it's lavender flavored I thought I'd add a touch of purple to make it lavender, lavender frosting. :)
6.  Chill for at least 10 minutes or so before frosting your cake/cupcakes.
I'm still perfecting my technique (obviously) but this link that I saw on pinterest is super helpful.  It tells about a few basic frosting techniques and tips.  So I thought I'd pass it along!  And be sure to enjoy these yummy cupcakes.  I know I will...  :)

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