Sunday, September 30, 2012

...for a good cause.

When I cut my hair off a few years ago I don't exactly know why I didn't think of donating it until after it was all on the floor--which is too late, it has to be in a ponytail or braid.  I guess I had forgotten, and the stylist's are probably not allowed to suggest it to clients....  After that cut I decided to grow my hair out until it was long, and then if I want to cut it off I couldn't until it was long enough to donate.  (8" for some, 10" for others and 12" for some)

On Thursday I measured my hair and indeed it was long enough to donate.  I called a couple of salons and they would only donate to one specific charity that had a longer requirement than I was willing and really able to give at this time.  So...I had to take it into my own hands. :)  I tied off sections with rubber bands, then measured and cut.  I ended up getting about 9" to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  The requirement for them was 8" and I went a little over in case I hadn't measured right or something.  
I placed the ponies in a ziploc, then in a padded envelope and sent it on its merry way.  I know it won't cure someone's cancer, but it will help provide a hair piece for someone which is super neat in my book!  I did go to a professional to actually get my actual haircut after I chopped these off.  It's pretty short now, but I think I'm going to dig it.  :)  Especially because it's for a good cause.

This is no way is to pressure anyone into cutting off their hair and/or donating it.  I just wanted to share this experience with my readers.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let me know by either commenting or emailing me at:

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