Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mix in a Jar: Can't Fight the Moonlight Homemade Oreos

Finished "Can't Fight the Moonlight" Jar
This is the first installment of my new "Mix in a Jar" series here on A Delicious Melody.  It's intended to be for gift giving for all occasions really.  I primarily give these as hostess or house warming gifts, but I know others who give them for lots of other things.

A good friend of mine encouraged me to make this series on ADM with songs as themes for the mixes, but I didn't get around to actually starting it till now.  Thanks for the inspiration C!  :)  I've also included a handy printable at the end of this, and some silly illustrations that will help you out in layering. :)

What you'll need for this mix in a jar:
1 quart jar
1 lid for above jar
2 c. Flour with 1/2 t. salt mixed in
1/4 c. Cocoa
1/2 c. Black Onyx Cocoa (found at Savory Spice Shops or other retailers)
1 c. Sugar 
1 plastic bag 
Optional fabric, ribbons, yarn, etc for finishing the top.  :)
Spoon the flour into the bottom and let it settle down in the bottom.  Then carefully layer, one cocoa and then the black onyx.  Then place a plastic bag in the top and fill with the sugar.  Close the baggie and put the lid on the jar.  Decorate jar as desired, then print up the printable with instructions and it's ready to give!  
 And here's the handy printable instructions:

Enjoy!  I just gave this as a part of a themed wedding gift this weekend!  :)

PS Yes, I liked the movie Coyote Ugly and especially this song "Can't fight the moonlight".  Oddly I liked it better when Piper sang it than LeAnn Rimes though...

For the regular homemade oreos recipe click here.

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  1. After reading the Coyote Ugly comment, just thought i'd drop a quick line and let you know Piper never sang it, that was actually Leann doing all of Piper's singing. I was really surprised when I learned that because I too preferred Piper's, but the bonus features on the dvd talk about Leann doing all the singing and how hard it was for Piper to lip sync.


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