Friday, November 25, 2011

Sauted Jerusalem Artichokes

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!  I want to share this new and random veggie I found a few weeks ago...

Have you ever heard of, or tried Jerusalem Artichokes?  I hadn't until about two weeks ago, when we saw them at the Farmers' Market.  It turns out North Carolina is about the perfect place to grow these little jewels.  And even though they look a lot like ginger (to me and Rocket Scientist at least) it's not anything like it.  In fact, they aren't even anything like regular artichokes.  They are more like potatoes.  Yummy though.  Here's a great way to fix um! :)

What you'll need:
Jerusalem Artichokes, washed
Onion diced
Olive Oil
Salt/Pepper to taste
 Looks a lot like ginger, right?  But it's not, these are Jerusalem Artichokes.  Yum.
 Slice them up.
 Gentley saute about 1 T. Olive Oil with some diced onion and sliced Jerusalem artichoke.
 Keep stirring until it starts to brown and the pieces of Jerusalem Artichoke are tender in the middle. (About 10 minutes on Med.)
Enjoy!  :) Afternoon snack, side for dinner...whatever floats your boat! 

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