Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cascara -- A Coffee Cherry Tea

I was just recently introduced to Cascara.  It's an herbal beverage you make by steeping the dried coffee cherries in hot water (like tea).  It's quite delicious too.  It has notes of plums and raisins, with a real natural sweetness to it.  If you ever have the chance to pick up some Cascara, or enjoy a cup of it, I highly recommend the experience.  

Here's the wet cherries after they steeped for about 3 minutes.

 The tea...
 Ready to drink. :)
It's a pretty popular beverage in Coffee growing regions of the world, but rather rare here in the States.  I got some of the Cascara from the El Salvador Finca Mauritania lot available at A Southern Season in Chapel Hill, NC right now.  So if you happen to be in the area you can get some there, or check out your local roasters etc...

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