Sunday, October 21, 2012

Easy (and affordable!) Halloween Wreath

It seems like just about everyone in our neighborhood puts things up for every Holiday.  We do for Christmas and sometimes Easter and Thanksgiving but not usually Halloween, except for maybe a pumpkin or two.  (Well....I guess we did the first year we were married and lived in Married Student Housing.  We even entered a contest for best Halloween decorations that year!  Ha!)  Anyway, I decided to get a little crafty (actually the last couple days I have been rather crafty--more posts about that to come soon!) and make a wreath.

I had part of a black t-shirt around (because I'd used part of it for another craft I'm going to post about soon) and I cut it into strips.  I then tighly wound those around the wreath.  (Sorry I forgot to get in process photos...)  I also made some flowers out of the jersey material and hot glued those on the wreath.  Then I made a cob web out of hot glue.  My trick was using a silicon pot holder to put the hot glue on when it was hot and then peel it off when it cooled.  My hubby thought I had purchased the cob web, so that's pretty good in my book!  :)  Then I used some scrap purple sequin fabric to accent.  I just put it up on my front door with the exsisting nail (that we didn't put in btw).  Festive and affordable! :)

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