Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dessert Ideas for Royal Wedding View Parties

From Marzipan candies to cupcakes and more!  I've come up with some ideas fit for your Royal Wedding Viewing Party! :)

Cupcakes.  We all love them.  There is just something about that little personal sized cake that gets us everytime....or am I just talking about myself?  :)  Either way, here's a couple of ideas for treats for your party.    You can make designs using food color and a toothpick like I have done below....  And then frost them as usual then with a heart on top with frosting or invert the whole cupcake and frost with this rose-like pattern.  (If you'd like to do a whole cake this way here's the tutorial for that.)  Then you can top that creation with some silver sprinkles or some marzipan candies like below! :)
 I thought cute little wedding themed (and love of course) candies would be fun so I molded these out of Marzipan.  You can get Marzipan lots of places like grocery stores and specialty food/craft stores!  :)  get creative!  I tried to!  You can see rings, love birds, hearts, a wedding cake and a pretty funny looking rose below.  :)
Finger foods are always great for parties and British finger foods would be best here!  So think scones, jams, marmalades, lemon curd and lots of tea for your party!  
Hot Cross Buns.  If doing them for the viewing party why not put circles for rings on top?


  1. Beautiful!! I love the glitter, too.

  2. I love how you came up with the presentation of those cupcakes. They look really good for wedding parties.

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